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We provide systems coaching for leaders who want the organization to function better as an entire system. Leaders get the opportunity to step back and look at the elements of their organization and the relationships with and between these elements, and how these relationships and elements dynamically interact in pursuit of growth.  Systems coaching supports one aim – to help leadership achieve the organization's own purpose by operating in unison.


 Build a successful and future orientated organization based on the latest trends as well as personal support, skills, insights and knowledge. Your solution can include face-to-face and virtual coaching, leadership APPs, international research, team syncing workshops and personal leadership quests.

Synquity is a focused team of internationally experienced organizational experts. We blend hands-on business experience with the latest academic research to guide personal leadership and organizational transformation in the manner most appropriate for your organization.


Our experience and services span a range of industries, including hi-tech, biotech, pharma, banking, mining, accounting, insurance and manufacturing, as well as projects in partnership with academic institutions such as the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University, Webster University, Bentley University, Innovation Leadership Forum and the University of Ontario.


We provide a systematic approach and bring an inter-cultural, gendered perspective to organizations in today’s increasingly international and volatile arena.






The word Synquity refers to the splendor and beauty of being in sync with yourself and others at work or home. Synquity is about unlocking organizational synergy to achieve a healthy triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profits).

Perhaps like you, we want people to love, our work to matter and to take care of our planet. It’s important to us that our team enjoys making a difference in organizations and the people in them. We treasure the fact that we are only human and have faith in people’s (and our) capacity and desire to do things better at work.



Ben Haneveld

Managing Director (CEO) Apotex Nederland BV


Apotex Nederland BV, a generic pharmaceutical company, needed to change their vision and their culture to strengthen their position in the highly competitive pharmaceutical environment.

To be able to realize this change, we sought the support from a company that could not only help us in defining the direction, but also could guide us in the process of making it happen.

In Synquity we found a partner, who turned out to be so much more than a consultant, and who helped us in every step of a long and challenging process.

Madeleine van de Steege, the owner of Synquity, is a strong personality with an enormous experience in those type of processes in various businesses. This enabled her to learn the ins and outs of the company very rapidly and to create a tailor-made plan for us.

Over the last 2 years we worked very closely with Madeleine and her colleagues to develop and implement our vision and, even more important, our core values.

They were pro-active in their approach, took initiative and brought a lot of knowledge to the table.

Thanks to Madeleine and her team we were able to establish a culture change.

I am convinced that thanks to this change our company is stronger than 2 years ago and more capable to overcome the challenges  that we are facing.





Dr Bettina von Stamm

Director: Innovation Leadership Forum


I am so delighted to have met Madeleine. Her work through Synquity is so important in a world that is externally focused, where we humans have not attention spans that are shorter than those of goldfish, and where we do not take the time to find out what matters - to us, and to our planet.




Dr Rob Elkington

President and CEO at Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc.


Madeleine van der Steege is one of those rare persons who combines warm personableness with professionalism. Madeleine and I have worked together on a number of projects and these are the qualities that have emerged from our collaboration and interactions:

1. Hard working

2. High EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

3. High CQ (Cultural Intelligence)

4. High capacity to meet deadlines

5. Excellent Time Management

6. Keen understanding of Team dynamics and Team work!

7. Great Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving


I commend Madeleine as a person of integrity, humility, and loyalty! Synquity is a great asset to any team.




Tina Thomson

President at Vision Textiles USA Inc.


I had the privilege of meeting Madeleine when she won the Regional Business Woman of the Year Award in Johannesburg in 2005. I was privy to knowing her clients in South Africa and to hearing how sincerely they endorsed her work, her integrity and her dedication. The on-going praise of our award winner, Madeleine, spoke volumes.

Fast-forward to 2012, Madeleine, launched her business Synquity in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Once again, I have seen how unique and professional her work is. She is an exceptional coach who can evoke the best out of all the people she meets. I am thrilled to know that Madeleine's talents are being shared with leaders of the world once more. Her expertise is highly recommended.




Millard Arnold

Independent Director at Petmin


There are those rare individuals who touch you in the most profound ways making you all of the better for having known them. Madeleine van der Steege is one such person. Until she left for the Netherlands, Madeleine was my coach, my mentor, but most of all, my friend. She brought a gentle professionalism to all that she did, a nurturing, caring kindness that allowed you to become what you could be and what she could always see. Madeleine approaches life and people with a quiet passion; with a sensitivity and sincerity that uplifts everyone she meets. Determined and committed, Madeleine is that rare, exceptional talent that make everyone around her better, there is no one quite like her. An extraordinary human being.




Brian Bruce

Retired CEO


I have known Madeleine and her work for more than a decade. During this time she successfully completed a number of organizational assignments and truly helped some key individuals with their development aspirations. I have always been willing to recommend Madeleine and her company Synquity.




Jerahmeel Chen

Business Development at TA Trade Advisory


Riana is the person to go to when it comes to her expertise. She has helped build our AIESEC CSR program in Cebu, Philippines and opened our eyes to her experiences in promoting the values instilled by AIESEC.Riana is a very diligent worker.


Yvonne Du Plessis

Professor at North-West University

Riana has an outgoing personality and always gives her best. My relationship with Riana was both as academics supervisor and colleague. She is independent and is also very creative.




Eyal Halahmi

CTO at FeeX - Wisdom of the Crowds LTD


Audrey and I have been working together for many years.

Audrey was our first employee at HumanClick (later acquired by LivePerson) and was essential to us in starting up our company - able to function in many different roles and was very customer friendly. She was able to market our new product to the global marketplace, acquiring 100,000 customers in our first year of business. Audrey's greatest skills are being an excellent communicator and adaptability.




Ofer Timor

General Partner at Initmiti


I very much enjoyed working with Audrey due to her creativity, her excellent attitude , and perseverance in getting the job done. You added a lot of value to the company, and we enjoyed both your customer skills and eye for details.




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